Thursday, 22 August 2013

Awakening Love

Years ago, I used to go to one particular library a lot which had this resident "mad" guy who would intimidate users by glaring and growling at them. One strategy he used was he would stand behind someone which they found uncomfortable. One time he even shouted at me. Even though users kept complaining to the librarians, there was nothing they could do. I believe they were also scared of him. One day I decided to teach the man a lesson. While he was standing behind me, I imagined he was actually sending me love which I gratefully received. He then moved away to sit somewhere else. Later our eyes met and he grinned at me. After that, he never stood behind me again nor did I ever find him intimidating. He continued to make other users feel uncomfortable though. I haven't been to that library for a long time so I have no idea what became of my friend.

When my parents separated, we moved from England to live with my mother's older brother and his family in Africa. My uncle was a very strict disciplinarian and gave punishment if you didn't abide by his rules. His kids (my cousins) and his wife were terrified of him. Even though he appeared to be stern, I could see right through him. It just felt to me like he was acting so I never took him seriously. What happened was he stopped being so strict with me and we had a wonderful relationship. The rest of the family who saw him as a tyrant experienced that side of him. He did end up separating from his wife and met a woman who brought out the love in him. Apparently, he got on really well with his step-kids who adored him. I hear he was very happy with his new love and they were together till she passed away. He passed away a few years after.

My point is that we all have Love within us. The Love I'm referring to is that which loves unconditionally and never hurts; that which brings harmony and perfection to all situations. To awaken that Love you have to acknowledge that It is present and then receive love. There are two ways I acknowledge Love's omnipresence: general and specific.

In the general way, I say to myself:

"Everyone and everything in the Universe (visible and invisible) loves me!";
"Thank you, Universe, for your infinite love";
"I wonder what wonderful surprises Love has in store for me today?"

In the specific way, I acknowledge Love's presence according to the experience. Here are some examples:

When I got off the bus, it was still raining. I didn't feel like putting up my umbrella so I said to myself: "The weather loves me!" The rain stopped and I walked to my destination in dry weather. When I arrived someone asked me if I had been caught out in the rain and I told him the rain had stopped for me. He looked at me in a strange way. I had a feeling he was thinking I was off my rocker (crazy).

When I've been feeling aches and pains, I say to myself: "My body loves me!" and the pain dissolves. This is something I'm continuously working on, awakening the love in my body.

When the computer was playing up and not loading properly, I thought to myself: "The computer loves me!" and it was instantly back to normal.

While I was walking home and acknowledging Love in all, a man drove up in his car and parked in front of this block of flats. He asked me how I was and I said I was fine. He asked me where I was going and I said home. A few seconds later, the man drove up to me and offered me a lift home. I told him I lived 5 miles away and he said he didn't mind. I thanked him and told him I preferred to walk home.

Another man I met along the way and chatted to briefly gave me a hug.

That's the power of love. When you awaken that Love, wonderful things happen. To the untrained observer, you appear to be lucky and living a charmed life. If you want to be "lucky", acknowledge and receive Love in all.

The greatest gift I can ever give is to acknowledge and receive the Love in all. Then I am awakening the Love in all.

Everyone loves me.
Thank you for your infinite love.


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