Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Bus Drama

During my bus journey, a man and his dog got on.  The man let the dog sit in the space usually allocated for passengers with bags and luggage.

At one stop a woman and her young boy got on. When the boy saw the dog, he started crying and wouldn't come on board.  A passenger suggested to the man that he and his dog move to the back of the bus, but the man didn't want to.  Another passenger told the man that he should give consideration to the little boy who was upset, but the man was having none of it.  He was even irritated at the idea.  Soon, there was a heated exchange between the man and several passengers who told him that he should either get to the back or get out.

I noticed the driver wasn't saying anything.  I didn't get involved either as that would have meant choosing a side and I wasn't prepared to do that.

In the end, the man decided to get off the bus with his dog behind him.  Passengers got on and we continued on our journey.

The incident on the bus reminds me of various conflicts that's going on in the world.  Some people might even argue that if there is a God, why isn't He intervening and stopping the wars?  How can God intervene when He's the same One in all?

I believe each of us has to realise that the one we are in conflict with is our very own Self.

In the meantime, the battle of the "Them versus Us" will continue to play out until everyone realises the Truth that there is only One of us here - Infinite Love.


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