Thursday, 8 August 2013

Love Breaks All Spells

In a fantasy TV series called Merlin, Morgana puts a spell on Guinevere (King Arthur's wife) which makes her not only hate her husband, she even conspires to kill him. King Arthur manages to break the spell his wife is under with his love.

I believe in this reality called earth, we're all subjected to two kinds of spells: the spell that makes you forget who you really are and who everyone is; and the spell that makes you believe that everything has to be earned.

The spell that makes you forget who you are makes you only love those you are related to or friendly with; and treat others as either strangers or enemies.

The spell that makes you believe everything has to be earned makes you see lack everywhere; and where there isn't enough you have to compete for the little there is or give something in return.

As you wake up from the spell, you remember that you are Love and that everyone is Love. You realise that we are all one. While you don't have to have a personal relationship with all, you still love everyone.

You also get to see that the Universe is superabundant. All you have to do is believe and receive.

How do you break the spell?


Love even when you don't feel like loving. Wish everyone the best, whether you like them or not. Love everyone whether you agree with their beliefs or not. Send love and light to all.

Remember if everyone was "awake" from the spell, the system will cease to exist. That's why the system lords, who benefit from people being spellbound, are constantly doing all they can to keep people under their spell. To avoid being spellbound, it's important to constantly give unconditional love. When you love, you help break the spell for others.

Love breaks all spells.


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