Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Meaningless Rituals

In life there are two ways to experience life: you are either living by the law (based on man's knowledge and beliefs) or by God's Grace/Mercy which is based on God's unconditional love.

If I choose to live by man's laws and rituals, I am supported by man's knowledge and beliefs.

If I choose to live by God's Mercy, I have to give up the idea that my good comes to me based on my efforts and merit. All I need to do is believe in God, trust Him and let Him live and express through me.

Since I've chosen to live by God's Grace, I'm aware that a lot of the rituals I practise are meaningless.

What do I mean by that?

Let's take eating and drinking as an example. According to human beliefs, you need to ingest certain nutrients to keep healthy. If you don't, you're likely to fall ill. However, when you live by God's Grace, it matters not whether you eat or don't eat, you are nourished anyway because God is life. Eating and drinking is, therefore, a meaningless ritual; but I still practise it because of habit and because I love the taste and the ritual.

There are many meaningless rituals I still practise that are based on human conditioning that I have to do something to receive my good or to be loved. Since I live by God's Grace, I know that God doesn't hold my meaningless rituals against me. I know that He loves me anyway and will continue to guide, heal, love, nourish, protect, provide and sustain me forever.

Thank you, God, for never holding my meaningless rituals against me.


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