Thursday, 1 August 2013

My Magnetic Self

When I heard the Olympic Park was going to be open to the public, I couldn't wait to visit.  I planned to walk all the way via the river. 

I decided to go there today.

My head told me it was too hot for walking; but my heart told me I could walk in the shade at a leisurely pace and take lots of rest if needed.

Before I left, I saw myself already at the park, sitting on a bench, enjoying the view.  Now that I was already at the park I knew I was going to get there.

As I walked, it got hotter and hotter. I stopped off at this park and sat on a bench in the shade.  My head said, "Why continue in this heat?  You could go there another day."

After I had been resting for about half an hour and was really relaxed, I felt another pull towards the Olympic Park.  So I continued walking until it got too hot to continue. I stopped at another park and sat on a bench in the shade.  I convinced myself that there was no need to continue; I could go easily go there another time when it's a lot cooler. After resting for about half an hour, I felt another tug towards my destination.

By this time, there was no shade at all.  It was boiling!  From time to time, I would feel a nice cool breeze, which kept me going.  A cyclist stopped and asked me where I was headed and I told him. He asked me where I'd come from and I told him. He said he'd actually started at the same place and was going to the same place. He was amazed I had walked that far.  I told him I might see him at the park and said goodbye.

When I got to a particular point I didn't think it was the entrance so I walked on.  By the time I arrived at what I thought was the entrance, I was so hot, I wanted to splash some water on my face. I noticed a few guys sitting around a bench.  One guy said I looked really hot and asked me if I needed some water to drink and to splash on my face.  He offered me a glass of water and I had a sip and splashed some on my face to keep myself cool.  I told him where I was headed and he said I had walked past it and directed me where to go. He then gave me a hug and wished me well.

When I arrived at the entrance and asked for directions to the park, I was told it was another 10 minutes walk.  Ten minutes!  600 seconds!  Good grief!  It felt like I'd been running a marathon and the end is nowhere in sight.  Got to keep going!

At the park, I was desperate for some respite from the heat but couldn't see any shade in sight. I asked one member of staff if there was any shade and he pointed me in the direction where I could find trees to sit underneath. He also suggested if I was really desperate I could go to the cafe and get myself a drink. I told him I'd already had a drink.

I found a bench in the shade and sat down. Bliss! There was a nice cool breeze too.  Double bliss! I was finally one with my self that had arrived a long time before me.  I then moved to another bench in the shade which was just as divine.  I loved it and it was overlooking the river.

After resting for about half an hour, I walked around the park for a while and was then ready to go home.  At the exit, I saw the man who had directed me to some shade. He asked me if I had found a seat in the shade. I thanked him for his help.  I told him I had been so hot earlier. He said I should have asked him for some water and he would have given me some. He gave me a hug and wished me a safe journey home. I caught the bus from the local bus station part of the way and walked the rest of the way, which took about 15 minutes.

When I see the outcome as already done, I can see myself doing what I desire. That self is like a magnet pulling me to my destination and assisting me every step of the way. 

Nothing can separate me from the desires of my heart, not even stifling hot weather.


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