Wednesday, 7 August 2013


Ever had one of those days when everything is reflecting you? That happened to me yesterday.

The night before I had noticed a documentary about cuisine in Germany. The presenter had only just finished another series about food in India and was now doing another one about Germany. I thought to myself, enough already!

During a bus journey into the west end, a passenger sat next to me and I engaged her in conversation. Turns out she was from Germany and visiting London for a few days. I told her about the food documentary about Germany, which made her smile. It was nice chatting to her about her life in Germany.

During the day, I kept noticing billboards with a particular celebrity who is a fashion consultant and television presenter. I happen to like this presenter. I also had to get some bangles and a special cover cream to hide blemishes and birthmark.

On one bus journey, a girl sat in front of me with similar bangles.

When I got off the bus, someone called out to me and I stopped to listen to what he had to say. He asked me if I'd heard of a particular celebrity, which was the same TV presenter I had been noticing. He said he worked with him. He then tried to sell me some beauty treatments and pampering. I wasn't interested but thanked him anyway.

During my bus journey home, another woman sat in front of me. I noticed she had similar bangles to the ones I had. I asked her where she'd bought them and she told me. Her son was also sitting next to me and I chatted to him too. I also spoke to the woman about the cream to cover birthmarks and she told me she's got a birthmark on her leg, which she hides by wearing trousers.

The world is like a mirror. What I think of gets mirrored right back at me.


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