Monday, 26 August 2013

Reminder to Self - Source's Goodness and Mercy

In this era of "creating your own reality", it's easy to believe that all the good I receive are based on my efforts alone i.e. good thinking, good mental attitude and good affirmations.

This is a reminder to my self that my life and my good comes from Source/God whose nature is Goodness and Mercy.

Source is like the sun that shines indiscriminately on everyone. The sun doesn't care whether you've been good or bad, It shines its light on all. All I need to do is acknowledge that my good comes from Source, trust in Him and receive.

When I believe that my good has to be earned or can only come to me because of my own actions, efforts or merits, I'm not going to be open to receive Source's infinite blessings.

Good things happen to me because God/Source loves me.

I am infinitely loved and infinitely blessed in every moment.


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