Thursday, 15 August 2013

Sharing Our Peace

A friend asked me to give him massage to help relieve some muscular tension. After I finished, I suggested another way I could help relieve his tension - share my peace with him. My friend was open. I held his hand as a symbol of our oneness; and told him to relax. I then went into inner silence.

While I was in my peace, my friend was experiencing that same peace. After a few minutes, I asked him how he was feeling and he said he was feeling extremely relaxed.

How was I able to share my peace with my friend?

I believe there is only One Presence which we all share. Some people refer to this Presence as Creator/God/Light/Love/Source/Spirit. One attribute of the Presence is inexhaustible peace. One who has access to the Presence can share that peace with another, if they are willing and open. Although my friend doesn't share my spiritual beliefs, he believes in me and was open to share my experience.

Obviously, sharing is only a temporary measure. In order to have constant access to the One Presence, one needs to cultivate a practice. I practice with meditation, affirmations and prayer.

I believe there is only One Presence which we all share. That Presence is in all of us to access here and now.


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