Saturday, 10 August 2013

The Gift that Keeps on Giving

While I was chatting to a friend about the power of love, he shared his experience with me.

He said a while back at his birthday party, a fight broke out between two young men. When he went to split up the guys, he got punched by one guy and broke his tooth. He said he could see that the man was scared about what action he was going to take.

My friend said although he thought about punching him back, he decided to do something different - he gave the young man a hug, which diffused the situation. He said that was when he realised that Love does conquer all.

He said people watching were amazed at his behaviour; one bystander even called him a "bigger man" for not fighting back.

I told my friend that not only did he give the young man a gift of love, he showed everyone else present that there is another way to deal with conflicts - Love.

By sharing his experience, my friend has blessed me with the gift of love.

I am now paying that gift forward.


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