Monday, 12 August 2013

The Love Sensor

The following was previously posted at my Living as Love-Light blog.
Thursday, September 14, 2006
I have observed entrances to modern buildings have doors that open automatically. I believe the doors have sensors that scan when someone is outside of it. Lift doors must also have sensors that prevents people from being squashed.
I believe the Universe has a Love Sensor that senses everyone's needs and provides automatically. I believe all we have to do is be Love and let Love provide automatically, as was originally designed to do. The problem is we're so busy trying to make things work we're not letting the Love Sensor do Her job.
On a bus I had it in mind to get off at the penultimate stop so I could catch my other bus into town. I fell asleep during the journey. When I woke up I saw I had missed my stop and the next stop was going to be at the bus station. I've done this journey countless times. Every time I've fallen asleep I've always woken up just before my stop. Why did I miss my stop today? Why didn't you wake me up Universe? I had a feeling there was something the Universe wanted me to experience or witness.
When I got off the bus I decided to walk through the shopping centre. I went into a shop to browse. Then I felt a slight twinge signifying a desperate need to use the toilet. I thought I would wait till later but the urge was so strong I had to go. The toilets were next door. Just as I had finished I heard a man outside reminding us that it was 6 pm and the toilets were about to close. Wow, I had made it just in time! Thank you Universe for anticipating my needs so elegantly.
In another example, I was walking towards the bus stop. I was going to walk on the far left of the pavement but my legs seemed to have other ideas and walked on the right. It was then I realised that the entire left pavement had been cordoned off by the police. There were even several police officers hanging around the area. Thank you Love Sensor for guiding my path.
I trust in the Love Sensor.