Monday, 23 September 2013

He Came to Me Too

In the movie ET an alien being befriends a young boy called Elliot who helps him get home.
After the dying ET is captured by the scientists, one of the sympathetic scientists called Keys asks Elliot how they can help ET.  At first Elliot is reluctant to share. He says, "I really shouldn't tell. He came to me, he came to me."
Keys says, "Elliot, he came to me too. I've been wishing for this since I was 10 years old, I don't want him to die. What can we do that we're not already doing?"
Elliot then tells Keys that ET needs to go home. Elliot, his brother and a few friends rescue from the clutches of the scientists and is taken to his space ship where he's taken home.
I find it interesting how Elliot had claimed ET as his own.  It's rather like parents who think that because their kids came to their family, their kids only belong to their family.  Just because I was "born" into a particular family doesn't mean I came to that family. I came to everyone.
And because I came to everyone, my life is a blessing to everyone, everywhere, for all time. 
I believe every single individual came on earth to be a blessing for everyone, everywhere, for all time.