Monday, 30 September 2013

How the One is Constantly Adjusting to Changing Moods

"It is better to trust in the LORD than to put confidence in man. It is better to trust in the LORD than to put confidence in princes." Psalm 118: 8-9
I have observed that in any moment, there are two kinds of realities at work: that which is constantly changing and that which is unchanging. That which is constantly changing is the human experience that is affected by people's changing moods. Just because someone has said they are going to do something doesn't mean it will happen as it all depends on the person's moods or how they are feeling at the time. That's why humans can't be relied upon.

The good news is there is someone I can always trust who is always constant and never lets me down - God, the One in all.

Here's one example.

My mother was given a hospital appointment to have a procedure done. As I planned to accompany her to the hospital, I asked my brother if he could pick us up from the hospital. He said it all depended on whether he was off and if his car was working. When the hospital brought my mother's date two weeks forward, I informed my brother of the new date. He told me he also had an appointment at the same hospital and at the same time, which meant he could give us a lift. A few days before the appointment, the mood changed again - the hospital changed my brother's appointment time to an earlier appointment and his car was not working, which meant he couldn't give us a lift back.

On the morning of my mother's operation, an ambulance arrived to pick up my mother. Mum explained to the ambulance driver that she did have an appointment but had cancelled it because of her operation on the same day. It would seem that the hospital had not updated their records. The driver asked mum if she wanted to go with him to the hospital but she wasn't ready and let him go. Besides, I'd already agreed to accompany her to the hospital and they wouldn't have let me travel in the ambulance as it's against their policy.

Mum was really puzzled about the ambulance turning up. She said the ambulance has never picked her up before for those appointments and she hadn't been expecting one. I told her I believed it was God at work - my brother couldn't pick her up, so God arranged for the ambulance to pick her up instead.  If she had gone in the ambulance, they would have brought her back home. How cool is that!

We ended up catching a bus which took us all the way to the hospital. Mum said depending on how she was feeling after the operation, she would decide whether to travel home by bus or by cab.

During our journey home, by cab, the driver was using the Satnav (Satellite Navigation System) to navigate home. At first, the Satnav was spot on about directions. Then the driver decided to use another route home to avoid the traffic. The Satnav computer quickly adjusted to take into account the new route the driver was using.

I thought to myself, God is exactly like the Satnav and is constantly adjusting to human moods to meet every human need.

Thank you, God, for your constant supply regardless of human moods.


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