Tuesday, 3 September 2013

I am Loved Whether I am a Help or Hindrance

Someone on the bus asked me for help, I told her I couldn't help her. She got what she needed from another passenger. Later, I got thinking that if I'm in the position to help someone and I don't, does that mean I'm going to find myself in a position where my needs will not be met?
According to karmic belief, your good and bad deeds are going to come back at you in one way or another. The problem with that belief is that it blocks out your infinite capacity to receive love.
I believe God, who is infinite Love, doesn't love me because of my behaviour and deeds, I am loved regardless. Therefore, if I choose not to offer assistance when I can,  I am loved anyway.
Put another way, God's love is like the streets of London that are cleaned every day. It doesn't matter what rubbish humans generate, God cleans it with His love. 
On the bus today, I noticed this man looking all around him as if he was lost. I asked him if I could help him and he said he was looking for a particular shop. I told him I believed it was further down. Later, when I checked the address, I realised I had sent my friend on a wild goose chase. Never mind! I'm sure he found what he was looking for.
I am infinitely loved and infinitely blessed whether I am a help or hindrance.