Sunday, 15 September 2013

I Love Making You Smile!

So yesterday, while I was going through a brief spell of feeling down, my Inner Voice aka the Voice of Love within said to me "I love making you smile! It is my job to make you happy." 

I thought "Yeah, yeah, let me see some evidence then!"

I was then inspired to watch a video of a baby laughing at someone ripping paper, which made me chuckle.  Laughter can be so infectious!

Today, I received a forwarded email from a friend with the subject: "These are guaranteed to make you smile."  In it were photos and animations of dogs doing silly expressions and moves, which made me smile.

At the end of the email, were the words: "My aim today was to make you smile...Mission Accomplished!"

You are right, Love.  It is Your job to make me smile and make me happy! Thank you!

Thank you, friend, for allowing Love to express Her Joy through you.


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