Monday, 16 September 2013

It's Who You Know that Matters

I was chatting to a friend about a music video I'd appeared in as a backing dancer. 
My friend said she hoped to see me in more videos. I told her that there are so many rules people have made up about dancing in videos such as you have to be a professional dancer, have an agent, go for auditions, etc...and I don't meet any of those criteria.
My friend asked me how I'd got involved in the project. I told her I know the person making the video who asked me if I wanted to do it. I agreed to do it as I thought it would be fun. 
It just shows that despite all the rules people make up, it's really about who you know.
I believe when you know God - the One Power behind all creations - then the Power will light the path for you and direct you to the right people and right projects to work on.
It's who you KNOW that matters.