Friday, 27 September 2013

Reminder to Self - Infinite Source

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Monday, 28 September 2009

Infinite Source
"Whoever realizes himself as a son of God, even as Babaji has done, can reach any goal by the infinite powers hidden within him. A common stone locks within itself the secret of stupendous atomic energy; even so, a mortal is yet a powerhouse of divinity." Autobiography of a Yogi
I believe there is just not one Source, but infinite sources.

How come?

Because God/Love/Spirit/the ONE is omnipresent. Therefore, in every moment the infinitude of Source is fully present: in every single cell of my body; in every individual, animals; all places; all things; all thoughts; realities; everywhere.

In practical terms, this means that because the infinitude of Source is always present wherever I am, every moment is an opportunity to experience the wonder of Source.

Two weeks ago, a friend (Source) offered me two tickets to see Verdi's Requiem at the Barbican. I decided to go with my mother. Although I didn't know much about that musical, I was looking forward to watching the conductor perform as I believe that is the most important part of the orchestra. My wish did come true; my seat was right in front of the conductor. It was wonderful watching the conductor directing all the musicians. I enjoyed every single moment of it.

After the show, we waited for the bus back at the bus stop right outside the Barbican. For some reason it was taking ages for the bus to arrive. We noticed three going in one direction and nothing coming our way. I got chatting to one passenger who was also waiting for the same bus. I asked her if she'd just been to see "Verdi's Requiem" and she said she'd been to a Bicycle film festival, which showed a series of short films about cycling. I told her an Internet friend had mentioned something about biking weekend. My friend said she'd had enough waiting for the bus and hailed a taxi. She asked me if she could give us a lift for part of our journey. My mother didn't want to accept as she believed we would be going out of our way. As I see it, my friend's offer of a lift was another demonstration of Infinite Source in action.

As my mother was getting frustrated about the buses, which she believed had stopped for the night, I suggested we walk to the main road and see if we could catch other buses from there. As we were walking, two buses drove by. On the main road two guys approached and asked me how to get to a particular place. I told them to wait at the same stop as we were going to the same place. As I chatted to the two guys, I learned they were students and had only moved to London a week ago. They were from a town in the North of England called Doncaster. Although I don't know anyone from Doncaster, I told them I knew Doncaster. Years ago when I used to have a relationship with someone who lived up north, I used to catch the train to Doncaster (about 2 hours from London) where my boyfriend would pick me up. We even explored parts of Doncaster. I chatted to my new friends about the town centre, clubs in Doncaster, and student life. It was great fun meeting and travelling with those guys.

I believe Infinite Source makes every moment an adventure.


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