Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Self Love

I believe there is only One Self that we all share. Self's love is impersonal and personal.

Self's impersonal love is rather like the sun that shines on everyone. In other words, Self treats everyone the same.

Self's personal love is like parents who do all they can to love, provide for and protect their kids but Self's love far surpasses that of human parents.

I have observed:

Self loves amazing me
Self loves amusing me
Self loves astounding me
Self loves blessing me
Self loves comforting me
Self loves entertaining me
Self loves guiding me
Self loves healing me
Self loves helping me
Self loves illuminating me
Self loves inspiring me
Self loves nurturing me
Self loves pleasing me
Self loves protecting me
Self loves satisfying me
Self loves supporting me
Self loves surprising me
Self loves treating me
Self loves wowing me

Self's love is expressed as my personal experiences.

Thank you, Self, for your constant love.


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