Sunday, 29 September 2013

The Characters in the Dream Do Not Exist

When a writer of fiction creates characters, the characters do not exist, they are simply being made up in the author's imagination.  The author then brings the characters to life by giving them personalities and desires, which are then acted out within the story.  While on one level, the characters appear to have freewill to do whatever they choose, they do not have freewill as their destiny is being determined by the author.  The author decides whether to keep the characters going or to kill them off.

When I go to sleep and have dreams, I create characters in my imagination who come to life and act out my beliefs, desires and fears in my dream.  In other words, the words that are being spoken, the acts that are being carried out by the characters are my words and I am the driving force behind the actions.  When I wake up and stop dreaming,  the characters dissolve into nothing.

Just because I'm no longer asleep doesn't mean my dream ceases to exist. My dream stories continue in the waking state aka the human experience where I get to experience or people act out my beliefs, desires and fears. Someone who is acting mean, for instance, is simply acting out my conscious/unconscious beliefs or fears.

How do I end dreams of duality i.e. abundance/lack; good/evil; health/sickness; life/death; order/disorder; war/peace?

By realising the Truth that there is only One Author who has created infinite characters in His Mind to express Self and His Ideas in form. None of the characters exist or are real, only the One is real.

It is the One who gives life to all characters. Without the One, all is nothing.

There is no me, no family, no friends, no people, no animals, no nature, no earth, no universe, there is only One.

Some of the characteristics of the One, which are constant, changeless, eternal, limitless and real are: Abundance, Beauty, Bliss, Freedom, Goodness, Harmony, Joy, Love, Order, Perfection, Reality, Satisfaction and Truth.

Only One exists.


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