Monday, 2 September 2013

The Editor

A friend invited me to take part in his music video as a backing dancer. At the video shoot, everyone taking part just came in and played their various roles in front of the camera. It was then up to the video director to edit it according to his vision. When I saw the final version, I was really astonished how it had turned out. It's a real skill to edit down hours of footage to only a few minutes.

The video shoot got me thinking about life in general.

There is a part of me I call the Observer that is constantly filming events without prejudice. The Observer doesn't judge, She embraces all and accepts what is. To have different experiences, there's the part of me that is the Editor that only focuses on what she would like to experience. Without the Editor, I would not be able to experience this human experience as I would want to do everything at once, which is impossible; at least not in this human form.

Thank you, Editor, for allowing me to experience different aspects of life.


ps: Here's the video: Never Go Back

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