Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Who is Writing Your Script?

I've been reading about an actor who is about to reprise a role he played in a TV soap. Nine years ago, when the actor left the soap, his character had moved to another city. The actor said he was looking forward to playing the character and to discover if his character had changed.

I believe my human self is rather like a character in a TV drama.

Who is writing the script?

There are two kinds of scriptwriters: those who write stories based on fear and those who write about love. A character's story is either driven by fear or love.

When someone is awake to their true nature as Love, their character's script is written by the love scriptwriter and their stories are driven by love. On the other hand, when someone is not awake to their true nature as Love, their characters will be written by the fear scriptwriter; and their stories are driven by fear. Mainstream newspapers are full of experiences that have been written by the scriptwriter of fear.

My character is living in a love story where she is always loved and doing what she loves.

I love my character and I love playing my character.


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