Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Are We There Yet? - Revisited

While I was on the bus, I noticed an advert on another bus in front with the words: "We are this close to ending X." (I thought that disease had been eradicated aeons ago). The woman in the advert was using the gap between her fingers to signify how close they were to a cure.

Isn't that typical of the human dream? They are always close to curing some disease but never quite there.

It doesn't take a genius to work out that if they had a cure for that disease and, indeed, all diseases, there would be massive unemployment for millions whose livelihoods depend on diseases.

I see the same "almost there" strategy at work in politics. The politicians would have us believe that the deficit or whatever problems are too huge for a government to resolve in one term. They are going to need many more years to resolve. Yeah right!

I also see the same "almost there" strategy in spiritual teachings. You are so close to "waking up" but not quite there yet.

If everyone were to "wake up" from the "almost there" baloney there would be no need for ascended masters, channellers, doctors, healers, scientists, teachers and writers. Heck, there would be no need for me to share the ideas I do on my blogs.

Are we there yet?

You're almost there! Keep going and maybe in your next and final lifetime, you might just get there.

In the meantime, please keep supporting us to help us reach our destination some day.


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