Monday, 7 October 2013


I planned to walk home from town. On the way, I stopped off to buy a packet of plantain chips which I love. As I was enjoying them suddenly darkness descended i.e. I could feel myself losing my eyesight. I thought to myself:

No, I don't accept this as real!
I don't believe this!
I believe in the Power in me.
I believe in me!

I stopped off at the local shop to top up my bus pass so I could catch a bus home. When I got out of the shop, I noticed my bus approaching.

When I entered the bus, my Inner Voice started speaking to me. He said:

You are perfect!
You are whole!
There's nothing wrong with you!
Your eyesight WILL clear up and you WILL NOT get any headache!

During the journey my eyesight cleared. Just as I was about to get off, darkness descended again.

The Voice then changed tack and said:

We are with you!
We love you!
We are your health!
We are your vision!
We are expressing our perfection through you now!

My friends reminded me of the Borg from the sci-fi series Star Trek. I don't mind being assimilated by Infinite Love.

My eyesight cleared and I was even able to read a text message a friend had sent me on my mobile. I texted her back.

At home, I had a meal and I felt fine!

Thank you, dear friends, for being there for me in my moment of "darkness."

With friends like you, resistance is futile.


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