Monday, 14 October 2013

I Don't Believe You! - 3

This morning I was woken up by a text message by the mobile phone company about how much credit I had remaining. It triggered off negative feelings in me. The next thing I knew, I heard this voice in my head spewing out lots of negativity about my life and self-worth. The voice even suggested that there was no point in me going on and I should just end my life. It suggested various ways I could do this.

While the voice was spewing out its vitriol, I simply observed in a detached way. I could see that the voice is the one voice of negativity in everyone which translates in a personal way according to each individual's situation. For example, the voice takes an issue you are struggling with and spins it in such a way to make you feel worse or even helpless. If you take the voice seriously, you might just be tempted to do as it is suggesting, like killing yourself.

I have observed the opposite of that vitriolic voice is the Voice of Love which sees only the good.

After the voice had taken a break, I thanked it for its opinions and said I didn't believe it and that it wasn't me. I then affirmed the Truth of who I am as Love. The voice didn't say another word.

To me, both voices are like radio channels; and I can choose which one to listen to.

I choose to listen to the Voice of Love.
I believe in he Voice of Love.


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