Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Love Always Gets You Back on Track

I believe Love (our True Self) is constantly helping us achieve the desires of our hearts by removing obstacles.

If you have messed up, Love fixes the problem. If you are lost, Love gets you back on track.

While I was crossing this road, I noticed this young man on the other side who looked lost. He told me he was new to the area and asked if I knew where a particular leisure centre was. I asked him if he was going to the library at the centre and he said he was. I told him I knew where it was. As it was too complicated to explain how to get there, I suggested we walk together as I was going near the area and will direct him.

On the way, my friend told me he is a student studying IT. He used to live in another part of London but it became too expensive for him so he moved to another part of London. It turns out he'd travelled by bus but had got off 4 stops early, which is about a mile from his destination.

As he sounded like he had an accent, I asked if he was from France. He asked me how I knew and I said he sounded French to me. I told him I can speak a bit of French (je parle un peu), which I learned at school. I also told him I have an English friend, who currently lives in France, who I sometimes correspond with using Franglais (French and English), which we both find hilarious. For instance, "Je messed up mal" is Franglais for "I messed up bad!" :-)

My friend told me he was from a place called S├Ęte. He said he chose not to study in France but to come to England. He's been living in the UK for two years. We also chatted about different parts of London we both know that are very nice but very expensive to live in.

As we were approaching his destination, I directed my friend how to get to the library. I also advised him where to get off the bus, next time he travels by bus; and where to catch the bus back.

It was quite fun chatting to my friend.

I don't usually walk in that direction in the morning. If I hadn't offered to run an errand for my mother, we wouldn't have met.

Thank you, Love, for always getting us back on track.


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