Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Love Tugs

While I know Love is everywhere present, not all experiences are right for me to experience at this time; nor can I have personal relationships with everyone.

How can I tell what is right for me?

By following my heart. The way this works for me is I feel something pulling me in the direction of my heart's desires. In other words, I feel a tug towards what I love.

I remember the first time I became aware of the Love tug was when I went to visit a dear friend who was living in Thailand at the time. When I arrived at the airport, I couldn't see my friend and I started panicking as I don't speak a word of Thai. I didn't have any change to use the payphone either. A nice Thai man appeared, handed me his mobile phone and motioned for me to call my friend. I did but my friend wasn't at home. Presumably, she'd already left to meet me at the airport. When I calmed down, I suddenly felt this tug, like something pulling me in the opposite direction. It was then I noticed my friend who had just arrived.

While I'm on my long walks, I usually feel love tugs from cats, which is not surprising really as I LOVE cats. I would suddenly feel a force pulling me across the road, or feel compelled to look somewhere and I would see a cat. If the cat is open, it usually stops to say hello. If not, the cat either runs off or ignores me.

During my walk yesterday, I saw five cats, but only two were friendly. They even ran up to me so I could stroke them. As for the others, two cats acknowledged me when I called but stayed put; and the other treated me with absolute disdain and walked away.

For me, the cats that are friendly/open represent the things that are right for me and the ones who are not so friendly are the ones that are not right, at least not in that moment.

I allow Love to pull me in the direction of what I love trusting that what truly belongs is mine for keeps.


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