Saturday, 26 October 2013

Only One Exists - Literally

While I was walking to the supermarket, I was thinking about what it means to be the One. It means, despite appearances to the contrary, there is only me living in the Universe. As the One, I am the script-writer and everyone is acting out my script and playing out roles that express what I love.

At the supermarket, I noticed one manager staring at me. I didn't give the matter further thought. After I finished picking up the grocery and headed to the checkout, I noticed there weren't many tills open and there were long queues. The manager, who had been staring at me earlier, beckoned me over to one till. She said she was going to serve me on that till. While I was loading my grocery on the conveyor belt, she closed the gate behind me to prevent other customers queueing up behind me. While my grocery was being scanned, a few customers approached but the manager told them she was now closed.

When you know there's only You in the universe, then "others" have no choice but to treat you as if you are the only One.


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