Monday, 11 November 2013

Living with Oneness

When you realise there is only One then you are also aware that all are different versions of You.

Therefore, whatever I say or think about "others" I am actually saying or thinking about myself.

Does that mean everything versions of me are saying, they are saying about me?

Depends on what versions of myself are saying. Someone speaking "lies" about me is not the truth about me. However, instead of getting into a debate or trying to convince them to my way of thinking, I simply accept that is their opinion (which is based on their beliefs and perception) at that moment in time.

For instance, when I've heard thoughts about myself that do not speak the truth about me, I've accepted the voice's "opinions" and then reminded myself of what I believe is the truth about myself.

Only One exists.

In oneness, there are no battles and no competitions; there is simply acceptance of the many variations of the One.


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