Saturday, 23 November 2013

Love Doesn't Care About Etiquette

My mother has this friend who is always calling at the "wrong time" when she's watching her favourite TV soaps or favourite programmes. Mum has asked her friend time and time again not to call at certain times but her pleas simply fall on deaf ears. Her friend obviously doesn't care about television. It's up to mum to decide whether to take her calls or not.

I believe my mother's friend's attitude represents Divine Love who is constantly reaching out to all of us and pays no attention to human etiquette.

A baby that is about to be born doesn't care what a mother is doing or where she is. When it's time to come out, the mother has to give the impending birth her full attention. And when the baby has needs, he doesn't wait till it's convenient for his parents, he wants his needs taken care of now.

A week ago, when I was at home, I heard this cat howling outside my neighbour's front door demanding to be let in. She's obviously been feeding him. I once fed the same cat. After that he stood outside our front door wailing for hours. I heard my feline friend outside our neighbour's today demanding to be let in. The cat doesn't care about the rules humans have made up that only your "owner" should feed you or take care of you. For a cat, Love is everywhere, therefore, everyone is a potential carer.

While I was at the supermarket, I looked at the shopping list and realised I had left one item out and I went looking for it. On the way, I saw someone who lives in our neighbourhood who I once helped to carry her shopping. I was only just going to say a quick hello, but she wanted to chat. I stopped thinking about the missing item and gave my friend my full attention. She told me how concerned she was about her mother who has since moved back to the Caribbean. She was worried about her mother's healthcare, which has to be paid for. She said if her mother had stayed in the UK, she would be well looked after for free. She said she's praying for her mother. I told her I would keep her mother in my prayers too. She also told me about some personal problems she was experiencing. Before we parted, I gave my friend a hug.

After I had got everything on my list, I saw there were long queues at the checkout tills. I didn't fancy queueing up. When I spotted an empty till, I asked the manager if she could get a member of staff to serve me on that till. She said the checkout assistant had taken a short break but I could load my stuff and I would be served shortly. In the meantime, I noticed the manager trying to persuade another member of staff to serve me for a few minutes. As that assistant is someone I usually say hello to, he didn't mind serving me. While the cashier was scanning the items, he started telling me about some problems he was having. I could see the customer behind me was looking rather irritated. I had a feeling she was thinking the cashier was wasting time speaking to me instead of doing his job. What could I do? Love knew my cashier friend needed someone to talk to and got us together.

Love doesn't care about human etiquette. If someone has a need, Love will meet the need any time, any place and everywhere.


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