Thursday, 28 November 2013

Nothing is Ever Stuck

"Always think that you are not stuck because matter does not exist at all. Matter is only a frozen reality; and you have frozen matter by your own thought process. Just walk with infinite optimism and positivity that every moment is new and things can be changed at will." ~~Dr Pillai
When one of the zips got stuck in one of my boots, I tried everything I could think of to get it unstuck including prayer but it remained stuck. I decided to leave it alone. Fortunately, the boots are wide enough for my feet to slip into them. For weeks now I've been wearing my boots without bothering to try and unzip them.

Yesterday, I tried the zips again. One was fine but the one that had been stuck moved slightly and got stuck again. I still slipped on the boots anyway.

Today, before I put them on, I unzipped them and both unzipped perfectly.

Nothing is ever stuck, they just appear to be. Everything is in constant motion including the zips on my boots.


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