Tuesday, 26 November 2013

On Being Highly Favoured

From time to time, when I see a friend who lives in the neighbourhood, she reminds me that I am "highly favoured."

According to what I've gleaned from reading the Bible, one who is highly favoured knows they have been anointed with God's favour which attracts to you lots of blessings and make you live a charmed life.

While being "highly favoured" is not a term I generally use, I do embrace it and expect to experience that favour in my every day life experiences.

For instance, recently while I was at the supermarket and there were long queues at the checkout, one of the managers opened a till up just for me. When another customer was about to queue up behind me, she told her she was only serving me and she was closed. The next time I was at the supermarket and there were long queues, I asked a manager to open up a till for me and she did.

Why was the manager compelled to serve me?

Because I am "highly favoured."

How could a God who loves everyone equally give preferential treatments?

I believe we are all Sons and Daughters of God (expressions of Source) which makes all of us "highly favoured." However, each of us has to claim that identity by constantly remembering who we really are as opposed to who we appear to be. In other words, if you only think of yourself as "only human" and unworthy, then you are not going to be open to have highly favoured experiences. It's never going to occur to you that you don't have to queue up at the supermarket.

A few weeks ago, I got chatting to a friend who lives in our neighbourhood. She usually walks her dog in the local park. She told me she was having problems with her toilet. She asked me whether we'd had any problems and I said no. As I was chatting to her, in my thoughts I prayed for her system to be sorted out. The next day when I saw her, she said although she'd reported the fault via email, she'd been inspired to call the council and spoke to someone who said they were going to call round and see to it. I didn't see my friend for a few weeks.

Yesterday, I wondered how she and her dog were doing and whether the council had sorted out her problem. Today I saw her and her dog. I asked her about her toilet and she said the council did come and fix it but they said it would cost too much money to replace the system so they've only given her a temporary solution, which they'll fix whenever there is a blockage. She said she was sure the council staff wouldn't put up with what they were expecting her to put up with. I told my friend that wasn't good enough and that she needed the matter resolved permanently.

As I see it, my friend was believing she's not worthy for her situation to be resolved. In other words, she's not seeing herself as a Daughter of God who is highly favoured. And according to her belief, so be it. Unless she has someone who is going to fight her corner, the council will continue to fob her off.

To be highly favoured you have to recognise your identity as a Son/Daughter of God and expect to be treated as such.

Thank you, friend, for your constant reminders. I accept that I am highly favoured and constantly being blessed.


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