Tuesday, 12 November 2013

On a Short Break

In Star Trek (a science fiction TV series about a group of space explorers), when the crew fancy a break from their duties and wish to experience different environments or realities, they write equivalent computer programmes which they then run on the Holodeck.  They even create people who look very human but are holograms.
I believe the human experience is a programme that we as the One Spirit have collectively created.  It's only meant to be a short break from Reality.  Unfortunately, we forgot who we are as Creators and identified ourselves as our creations.  When the human experience gets too much to handle, we then leave our human bodies (experience death) and get to experience our boundless, free and limitless nature.
I believe when you remember who you are as Creator then you stop taking your creations seriously.  When the human experience gets too much, instead of leaving my body all I have to do is just remind myself that I am Spirit and Creator. 
For instance, when I was feeling my skin itching, I quickly affirmed "I am Spirit" a few times.  The itching stopped.
I am Spirit here on a short holiday break.  Even if my break was to last 1 million years, it's still only a blink of an eye compared to eternity.