Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Thank You for Proving Me Wrong!

Just yesterday I was chatting to my mother about the weather. It had been raining practically all day. I said one thing I don't like about wet weather is I don't get to see my cat friends as they like staying indoors to keep warm. Cats are usually out on the prowl late at night but I'm usually in bed at that time.

This morning, instead of catching the bus into town, I decided to walk in. As it had been raining earlier, it was still damp.

While I was walking down this road, I noticed a ginger cat sitting on the window sill of a house and looking out. When I called out to the cat, he stared at me. I waved at him and said hello.

This particular cat is very reserved. It took many months of persistence before he came close for me to stroke him. I did discover from the cat's owner that he doesn't like strangers. See Breakthrough

Thank you, Love, for proving me wrong that I can still see my cat friends whatever the weather.


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