Thursday, 7 November 2013

The Pecking Order

Let's say someone asks me how I am. If I say, I'm not feeling well, I'm telling a lie.

The truth of the matter is that it is my body that is not feeling well, not me. Who I really am is never sick.

Isn't my body me?

I have been conditioned to believe my body is me but it is not. My body is simply a tool I am using to express my eternal spirit.

In other words, my body has no intelligence of its own.

Because body has been programmed to believe it is boss, it needs to be retrained to know where it is in the pecking order and accept that it is a follower of spirit, not a leader.

So when I feel my body in pain I remind myself that I am whole and that wholeness is then made manifest in my body as no pain.

When my body is experiencing lack of any form, I remind myself of who I am.

I am not my body, I am boundless, free and limitless spirit.

In the pecking order, my body always follows the dictates of spirit.


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