Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Love Makes Me Act at the Right Time

I believe all the things that I love come from Love (my omniscient self). He who gives me the things that I love is responsible for bringing them to me.

After reading a friend's interview, I decided to share the link on Twitter. The first thing I noticed when I logged on to Twitter was Sky Arts advertising an interview with Nile Rodgers coming up the next day.

I'm a huge fan of Disco. I love the music and fashion of that era. Nile Rogers produced lots of great songs around that time. He still continues to produce great music now.

I made a mental note to myself to watch the interview and retweeted the advert.

The next day I went to tweet about something. As soon as I logged in, I noticed another advert for Nile Rogers again for the same interview later that evening.

While I was waiting to watch the interview, I thought to myself that I hoped my friend didn't text or phone me while the interview was on. He must have heard me as he called me before the programme started, which gave us time to have a quick chat before I watched Rogers in action. I told him about the interview. My friend has met Nile in person before so he was very interested.

I really enjoyed the interview which was fascinating. After the interview finished, they showed a concert with Nile Rogers and his band, "Chic."

I believe it was Love who made me log on to Twitter at the exact time when the advert was on the Twitter feed; and made me log on at the exact moment the next day to remind me to watch the interview.

When I let Love guide me, I don't need to worry about following my intuition. All I know is when I need to take action, I am compelled to do so at the right time.


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