Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Nelson Mandela's Gift to the World

I watched Nelson Mandela's memorial live today.

It was really good to see the leaders of the world, past and present, united, which is exactly what Mandela represents. I liked what President Zuma of South Africa said about Mandela recognising the collective effort of all involved in their movement, not just by one person.

In a previous piece, I wrote that what made Mandela great in my eyes is the Love in him that inspired him to forgive his enemies.

Another thing that inspires me about Mandela is how he and his colleagues were working to not only end oppression in South Africa but in the world. In other words, Mandela wasn't serving his personal self but the Impersonal Self in all of humanity.

Thank you, Mandela, for your eternal gift to the world.

Love forever!


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