Thursday, 12 December 2013

Numbers and the Meanings You Give Them

I was telling someone yesterday how excited I was about the date - 11.12.13. In the UK, we usually write the date in day, month and year order.  (Americans do the reverse).

"What does it mean?" my friend said.

"Nothing!" I smiled.
I liked the idea as I thought it was fun.  It's a pityI hadn't forgotten to pay attention to that crucial moment in time: 11.12.13 14.15 pm and 16 seconds

Nothing has meaning except the meanings one ascribes to them. I have given the numbers 8, 88 and numbers that add up to 8 meanings even though I know they iinherently mean nothing.
Today is the 12.12.  For those who feel that 12.12 has meanings for them, have fun!