Saturday, 7 December 2013

The Computer Says "No"

At the supermarket checkout, I handed various discount coupons for the cashier to scan.  He gave me back one coupon which he said didn't apply. I insisted that I had bought the relevant product which meant I was entitled to a discount.

The cashier scanned the coupon again.

"The computer says 'no'!" he shook his head and handed me back the coupon.

"I don't accept what the computer is saying!" I said. "Could you call the manager?"

The cashier put out a call to the manager who then advised the cashier to handle the transaction in a different way so I could get my discount.

I believe the computer represents beliefs and rules that man has made up that prevents us from receiving our good; while the manager represents our direct connection to Source.

When the computer says "no", Source always says "yes!"


ps: Here's a video clip which I find hilarious: Little Britain - Computer Says No

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